Friday, November 20, 2009

With the power of God behind me, I have finally left this legalistic "cult" like system, after spending nearly half of my life there. I offer up daily thanks to have gotten "outtathere" with my brain still intact. I've been told that using the word "cult" is an extreme choice of words, yet it is the most obvious and self explanatory. My thoughts and ideas are mine now, and I am free to express them in any way I choose and mostly in agreement with the Websters Dictionary; CULT: a particular system of worship, especially with reference to its rites and ceremonies.

I am sure that the many OALC'ers who read this will take offense to this statement and that is fine with me. I see it as an eye for an eye.... they think I'm going to hell, I think they're a cult.

Here is a list of ceremonies and rites, or as I see them "Rules & Regulations" of their religious system:

After each "rule" I added a way to get around the "sin" that most OALC'ers practice.

* No Hair Cutting for Women (trim your bangs and sides and make it look like it fell out of your bun)
* No Facial Hair For Men (unless it's hunting season)
* No Music (tell everyone your MP3 player is a Book-On-Tape)
* No Dancing
* No TV (use your computer)
* No Theaters
* No High Heels
* No Tupperware or Pampered Chef Party's (people feel bad if they cant buy anything)
* No Photos on Walls or Scrapbooking with Pictures (we can carry these in our hearts)
* No Pants for Females (even to run to the post office)
* No Make-Up
* No Jewelry (try and find a cool watch that looks like a bracelet)
* No Restaurants with Music (Red Robin)
* No Gym's (tank tops and music are a sin)
* No Computer Games
* No Holiday Decorating
* No Christmas Tree (wreaths are ok)

And the most "fulfilled sin" at the OALC:


The amount of gossip and fault finding of others is out of control at the OALC. I have never experienced this sheer volume of nit-picking, tattletales in my life. You would think this behavior limited to the school playground, but it is far worse than you could ever imagine, because it is the adults who are doing it, and it includes shaming those who violate the above rules.

* Attend All Services
* Say The Lords Prayer Daily (no relationship building with God)
* Be Baptized
* Have Your Children Baptized in Infancy (so they can't choose for themselves later)
* Have 2 Sets of God Parents (in case one fails like I did?)

I am not trying to bash or ridicule this system...just merely expose it for what it is. A double-standard, fault-finding, brow beating, spirit killing way of life. God did not make robots... he made us in His likeness and gave us life to live to the fullest. For me, when my heart is filled with God's true teachings and songs of worship... I know that finally... I am in the name of Jesus.